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May 12, 2020

Pet Groomers Working At A Clip To Catch Up


Many dogs are long overdue for their grooming appointment before the summer heat hits. However, it may take a while to secure an appointment.

Minnesota groomers were able to get back to work after being closed down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that they are open, groomers have had make some changes to how their business operates.

Goldwood Kennels

Goldwood Kennels was completely closed from March 27 to May 4. “We have a family business that started in 1936, and this was the first time in the history of Goldwood Kennels that we have ever been completely closed,” said Erin Hilton, one of the three owners. “It was very difficult for our staff — who we care about very much — our customers and for us as a family to have to close our doors. The kennel was very quiet. That is a very strange sensation to walk through an empty kennel when you are used to being greeted by barks and tails wagging.”