Your pet deserves the best!

At Goldwood Kennels, your pet can expect individualized care, clean and comfortable accommodations, lots of cuddles and plenty of exercise! We happily provide Nutri Source and Pure Vita pet foods, raised Kuranda beds, plush blankets and stainless steel dishes during your pet's stay. You are always welcome to bring in treats, a favorite toy, daily medications and food you feed at home. All pet rooms are indoors and temperature controlled throughout the year and feature soft satellite music playing 24 hours per day. Dogs will romp and frolic in our grass play yards and cats will love curling up in the sunshine of the feline playroom. Upon check in, we will go over all specific details for your pet’s stay. The more we learn about your pet from you, the better care we can provide!

  • Private Rooms
  • Fresh Water
  • Daily Pet "Report Card"
  • Central Heat and Air-Conditioning
  • Pet-Safe Sanitation Daily
  • Customized Feeding Schedules
  • Specialized Care and Attention
  • CO2 Detectors, Smoke Alarms, Grinnell Sprinkler System
  • Satellite Music and Intercom System
  • 24-Hour Sentry Security/Fire/Police System


  • Raised Kuranda Beds, Plush Bedding and Dishes Provided
  • Clean Blankets Fluffed and Fresh Water Three Times Daily
  • Spacious, Play Yards for Play Time and Potty Breaks
  • Hands On, Loving Care from a Trained Pet Handler


  • Plush Bedding, Litter Box and Dishes Provided
  • Litter Freshened Throughout the Day
  • Spacious Indoor Feline Playroom with Places to Stretch, Climb and Nap
  • Year Round Outdoor Bird Feeders for Viewing Entertainment
  • Hands On, Loving Care from a Trained Pet Handler

Additional Accommodations

Bathing and GroomingPrices Vary by Pet and Service
Pet Limo Pickup and Delivery$0.80/Mile (round-trip)
$30.00 Minimum Fee
Medication Administration (Pills) *$2.00/Dose
Additional Outdoor Playtimes$5.00/Session
Pet Toys and SuppliesPrices Vary

* Inquire for other medications


Boarding Rates

Dogs $58/day
Cats $30/day
Day of Arrival Charged as a full day
Day of Departure Pickup before noon – No charge

Pickup after noon – Charged as a full day (Sunday included)


What vaccinations do you require?

Dogs must have current Distemper, Rabies & Bordetella vaccines. If your dog has never had the Bordetella vaccine it must be given at least 5 days prior to arrival at Goldwood Kennels.

Cats must have current Feline Distemper & Rabies vaccines.

What do you supply for my pet's stay?

We provide Kuranda pet beds, blankets and stainless steel food & water dishes. All bedding is washed in our commercial washer and dryers, so we request no bedding be brought from home. We proudly serve Nutri Source and Pure Vita pet foods.

What should I bring for my pet's stay?

We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible, so feel free to bring their own toys & treats. You can also send along a t-shirt or sweatshirt; something that smells like home. Feel free to bring your pet’s own food as well as any medications or special shampoo they may require.

How many times each day will my dog be taken outside?

Our boarding rate includes three potty breaks outside each day. You are welcome to purchase up to two additional playtime sessions for $5.00 each.

My pet does not get along well with others, is this a problem?

Not at all. All pets at Goldwood Kennels are cared for individually by family. This means that your pet will be able to see other pets, but will not be in direct contact. We do allow pets from the same family to play or board together. The safety of the pets in our care is our top priority!

I have two dogs, can they stay together?

Yes, we do allow two family dogs to stay and play together. Cats stay separately, but can play together in the feline playroom. If you have more than two pets coming to stay, let us know when you book your reservation and we will be sure to plan accordingly!

Do you offer a discount if I board multiple pets?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for multiple pets. Your first pet is full price, each additional pet receives a 10% discount on boarding. They do not need to room together to receive the discount.

What brands of pet food do you carry? Can I bring my own?

We carry NutriSource and PureVita pet foods. If you are not feeding one of these brands, you are welcome to bring in your own pet food in a labled resealable container.

My pet has special health needs, do you administer medications?

Yes, we have many pets with special health needs that stay with us and an experienced staff able to administer all typed of medications from pills to drops to insulin shots. Please send all medications in their original bottles and our office staff will review care specifics when your pet arrives for their stay. Feel free to contact us at any time with further questions or concerns. The health and safety of the pets in our care is top priority!

Do you offer pick up and delivery service?

Yes! Please inquire for rates and scheduling.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

No, we do not have a cancellation fee. We do ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your pet’s reservation so we can offer their space to someone on our waiting list.

Still have questions?

We're here to help and would love to hear from you!